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A technician or operator of stage pyrotechnics ?
a department manager or represent a venue ?
or just interested in Stage Pyrotechnics ?
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ASP Membership is open...

  • to all persons over 18 years of age
  • who work practically with Stage Pyrotechnics (whether every day or just occasionally)
  • or manage people who work with Stage Pyrotechnics
  • or just have a serious interest in Stage Pyrotechnics

    Why an association only for Stage Pyrotechnicians?
    For many years the relatively small Stage Pyrotechnic industry has existed closely behind the Firework industry and "read-across" all documented information relating to Law, Transport and Storage. This has been successful up to a point but has also caused problems relating to the perception of what Stage Pyrotechnics can do and what they are.

    Furthermore, operators trying to arrange insurance cover for work or for events have experienced anything from a 50% to 900% rise in premiums since 2002. The majority of Insurance Companies have been naturally reluctant to insure operators or events with language that includes "Explosives, Bomb-Tanks, Hazard Types or Fire!"

    In a world where more and more demands are made for accountability of employers, employees, and their respective actions and where risk assessments and method statements are everyday requirements, it seemed appropriate to clearly define and separate the Indoor Stage Pyrotechnic discipline from the Outdoor Fireworks world and provide a forum for all users and operators of Stage Pyrotechnics.

    In straightforward language... Stage technicians have expressed a need for a dedicated Association that can address issues relating specifically to operating Stage Pyrotechnics and training Stage Pyrotechnicians for today as well as the future generations.

    Why should I consider joining an Association ?
    More and more Venues, Local Authorities, Fire Service and Insurance Companies are requesting information relating to the competency of persons operating Stage Pyrotechnics. The Association Register offers members a place to make this information readily available through your members profile and log books of training and experience.

    What do I get as a Member of the Association ?
    Your entry on the Association Register to publicise details of your pyrotechnics experience and training.
    A voice in the Association...

    What would I need to do to apply for Membership ?
    You will need to provide a passport style photograph of yourself taken within the last three years. This photograph will need to be updated on a three yearly basis.
    You will need to sign a declaration of consent for your details to be held on the Association computer database in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998).
    You will need to sign a declaration of consent for your basic details to be freely available to other members and external agencies such as Local Authority Licensing, Fire Service and Insurance Companies.

    How do I join the Association ? By far the easiest and automatic way to join the Association is by attending and participating in one of the many ASP recognised training courses which take place thoughout the year at venues around the UK.
    Details of future courses can be found in the Current Courses section of this website.

    Why does the Association need a Photograph of me ?
    To assist external agencies and venues in verifying names to matching faces. It is not unheard of for an unscrupulous person to impersonate a recognised name from an established Stage Pyrotechnics Company!
    To provide a friendlier Association experience for members to identify each other.

    What is the Association Register and what data is held about me ?
    The Association Register of Members offers a database of ASP member profiles. As a member you'll be able to update your profile with details of your training and experience.
    For example, you may wish to use the register as a convenient way to provide your credentials to a Local Authority or other potential employer.

    Do I need a Qualification to join the Association ?
    No... You can join the Association without any qualification or certification, however we would normally expect new members to have completed an appropriate training course from an Association recognised training provider or provide evidence of your prior skills and experience - please see below.

    What if I have already completed a Pyrotechnics Training Course ?
    The Association will recognise knowledge gained via prior-learning.
    You may be entitled to a FREE period of Membership of the Association for the first year. Your details in the Register will reflect that you have completed a training course approved and recognised by the Association.

    Who decides whether I am considered Competent ?
    The Association believes that competence is an ongoing process determined by a members individual history of training and experience, therefore the Association does not make any claim to judge competency.
    We provide the Association Register as a central database for information sharing to allow interested parties to make their own informed decisions.External agencies, such as Local Authority Licensing, Fire Service and Insurance companies will be able to make their own judgment of a Members competency based on the information available to them.

    Where does the Membership fee money get used ?

  • Administration costs.
  • Web Site costs.
  • Verification costs of Approved Training Providers.
  • Development costs of the Association.

    What do you believe an Association for Stage Pyrotechnicians should be doing? Contact us with any ideas or suggestions, and as a member find out how you can get further involved with the Association.

    Who is running the Association ?
    The Association has been founded by a group comprising practising Pyrotechnicians, Educators and other Theatre Industry Professionals working around the UK.

    If you would like to get involved in the administration of the association, first join up and then contact us to let us know how you can help.

    We have the support of The British Pyrotechnists Association, The CBI Explosives Industry Group, Le Maitre Limited and the West Midlands Fire Service but we are not directly affiliated with any of these organisations.

  • Copyright 2019 The Association of Stage Pyrotechnicians