Guy Newham (2008284)

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Jul 25, 2008

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ASP Recognised Courses
Awareness Course (1 Day)
Lyric Theatre, Carmarthen
Jul 25, 2008

Personal Training
ASP 's Practical Pyrotechnics & Safety Awareness
Lyric Theatre - Carmarthen
Jul 2008 - No Expiration Date
DoT ADR Transport of Harzardous Goods - Explosives
Chemfreight- Avonmouth
Jan 2002 - No Expiration Date
First Aid Course
Wiltshire Ambulance - Chippenham HQ
Jan 1996 - No Expiration Date
Fire Behaviour - Junior Officer's Course
Fire Service College - Moreton-in-the-Marsh
Mar 1995 - No Expiration Date
Command & Control - Junior Officer's Course
Fire Service College - Moreton-in-the-Marsh
Mar 1994 - No Expiration Date

Personal Experience
Date Venue Description
Dec 26, 1999 Dockland Basin Set-up for 'River of Fire' Millennium - Millennium Barges
Nov 1, 1993 Santa Pod Raceway Cat 4 display under Nigel Newham - portfired! Millennium Pyrotechnics Ltd.
Feb 1, 1991 Salisbury Wiltshire Fire Service
Dec 24, 1990 Cambridge First close proximity display using Cat2/3 pyro for private party

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