Mission Statement

The purpose of the Association is to:
  • Formalise a group of like minded technicians, operators and managers who wish to share information and dialogue regarding the safe use of theatrical pyrotechnics in stage, concert and conference environments.
  • Promote the safe handling, storage, transport and use of a specified range of theatrical pyrotechnic devices.
  • Promote training in the safe and appropriate use of a specified range of theatrical pyrotechnic devices, leading to recognition and certification by the Association.
  • Provide a forum service for all members working with stage pyrotechnics.
  • Provide a centralised register of operators experience and training.
  • Provide a verification service to External Agencies including Local Authority Licensing Departments, Fire Service and Insurance Companies.


The ASP has the support of the following organistations:

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I found that my knowledge on basic and more complex Pyro is now sufficient enough to help me in the world or freelance and at my theatre! I would feel confident in the checking, using and setting up of simple rigs! I look forward to using the courses teaching in the future
Josh Betts
Stage Technician
The course has given me the confidence to use pyrotechnics and expanded my knowledge in safe practices and procedures. The course not only shows what different pyrotechnics there are but also the different ways of setting them up, it was very informative but fun at the same time.
Richard Jackson
Freelance Technician