Mark Thomas (2002004)

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May 20, 2004

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Personal Training
Emergency First Aid Training
South Norwood Country Park Visitors Centre
Oct 2008 - No Expiration Date
BPA Level 1
Coombe Country Park Visitor Centre Coventry
Apr 2007 - No Expiration Date
Awarness in the use of High Explosives, Detonators and accessories
Manor Training
Mar 2006 - No Expiration Date
ADR Class 1 (Explosives)
Training Link Europe
Nov 2004 - No Expiration Date
Fire Safety and use of Fire Fighting Equipment
Independent Fire and Safety Training
Mar 2001 - No Expiration Date
Emergency Aid (First Aid Training)
Medicman Training
Jan 2001 - No Expiration Date
Basic Ropework and Safety course
Safe Working Ltd - Wembley Arena
Jul 2000 - No Expiration Date

Personal Experience
Date Venue Description
May 8, 2001 Harrods Fulham Football Club
May 7, 2001 Fulham Town hall Fulham Football Club
Apr 23, 2001 Queen Elizabeth the 2nd Conference Centre Compaq Conference
Apr 2, 2001 Raleigh Studios Los Angeles California Usher US Tour
Feb 27, 2001 Hammersmith Appollo Tetley Bitter Advert
Jan 11, 2001 NEC Autosport Live
Dec 31, 2000 The Millennium Dome The Millennium Dome Closing Ceremony
Dec 1, 2000 London Bloomberg Christmas Party
Nov 14, 2000 UK Tour WCW (World Championship Wrestling)
Nov 8, 2000 Milennium Dome Miss World 2000
Nov 5, 2000 London Arena Robbie Williams Pyro Show
May 6, 2000 UK Tour Kid Rock
Jan 1, 2000 The Millennium Dome The Millennium Show
Dec 31, 1999 The Millennium Dome The Millennium Dome Opening Ceremony
Oct 31, 1999 Chessington World of Adventures Fright Night
Oct 4, 1999 ICC Birmingham Threshers Project
Sep 5, 1999 Royal Lancaster Hotel The British Hairdressing Awards
Aug 25, 1999 UK Tour Indian Film Stars
Aug 14, 1999 Fulham Town hall Fulham Football Club
Dec 31, 1998 Trentham Gardens Renaisance NYE

Disclaimer: Competency

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