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Apr 1, 2007

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Personal Training
BPA Level 1 renewal
Halo-FX, â„… Fully Fused Fireworks
May 2017 - No Expiration Date
BPA Level 1 renewal
Halo-FX, c/o Jubilee Fireworks
Apr 2012 - No Expiration Date
Safety Awareness in SFX use of High Explosives, Detonators and accessories
Manor Training
Dec 2007 - No Expiration Date
BPA Level 2
Fantastic Fireworks
Oct 2006 - No Expiration Date
BPA Level 1
Fantastic Fireworks
Aug 2006 - No Expiration Date
Safe Use of Fall-Arrest Harness
Working at Height– Work Placement
Sep 2005 - No Expiration Date
Use of Fire Fighting Equipment
Stratford Extinguishers
Sep 2003 - No Expiration Date

Personal Experience
Date Venue Description
Feb 9, 2008 Confetti Magic, Celtic Manor Convention Centre, Gwent 'Select Group' Annual Conference - 10x15 gerbs, Large flame projectors, airbursts, flashpots
Aug 25, 2007 Imagineer, Cathedral/University Plaza, Coventry 'The Truth About Lies' - mines, concussions, coloured smoke, flares
Jan 1, 2007 RSC Each of the RSC productions below ran for between 20 and 80 performances.
Jan 1, 2006 RSC Trafalgar Studios, London Speaking Like Magpies
Jan 1, 2006 RSC Holy Trinity Church, Stratford Henry VIII
Jan 1, 2006 Shared Experience tour Orestes
Jan 1, 2005 RSC Swan Theatre, Stratford Thomas More
Jan 1, 2005 RSC Swan Theatre, Stratford Speaking Like Magpies
Jan 1, 2005 RSC Trafalgar Studios, London Thomas More
Jan 1, 2003 RSC Swan Theatre, Stratford The Tamer Tamed

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