Keith Morrison (2009211)

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Jul 19, 2009

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ASP Recognised Courses
Awareness Course (1 Day)
Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry
Jul 19, 2009

Personal Training
In-house pyrotechnics familiarisation and safety training
The Garrison Theatre
May 1992 - No Expiration Date

Personal Experience
Date Venue Description
Nov 21, 2010 The Garrison Theatre Winter panto - Cinderella. Various Le Maitre effects, 6x6 Gerbs, theatrical flashes and airbursts
Jun 1, 2009 The Garrison Theatre Feet First Dance. 5night run. Design and Risk Assesments. Le Maitre products - Silver Jets, Gerbs, Silver Cascades and Chinese Confetti
Dec 2, 2008 The Garrison Theatre IDG Pantomime - Jack & The Beanstalk - various theatrical flashes. 10show run
Jul 20, 2007 ST Bookshop Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Midnight book launch. Various Le Maitre products
Jun 14, 2007 The Garrison Theatre Feet First Alive ! Dance Show. various Le-Maitre effects. Gerbs, Silver Jets, Confetti and Silver Star. 4 show run
Sep 15, 2006 Clickimin Centre , Lerwick Pyro effects for Shetland CAT Scanner appeal fundraising show
Jul 1, 2005 Maloy, Vagsoy. Norway Various effects for street performances and stadium finale for Maloy Dagen Festival
Jun 16, 2005 ST Bookshop Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, midnight booklaunch. Prostage effects.
Mar 1, 2005 The Garrison Theatre - Shetland County Drama Festival #NAME?
Jan 26, 2004 The Garrison Theatre Fiery Sessions Show - Flame effects and Silver Jets
Mar 7, 2003 The Garrison Theatre SCDF exploding oven. Le Maitre robotics
Feb 5, 2001 The Garrison Theatre SCDF - workshop. display of theatrical pyro effects for producers

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