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Jul 24, 2013

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O2 Academy, Newcastle upon Tyne
Jul 24, 2013

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Aug 21, 2013 The Middlesbrough Empire / Hau5 Flame Projector sequence, silver jet chase, mixed confetti, neutral weight illuminated crowd balloons
Aug 15, 2013 The Middlesbrough Empire / Hau5 Projection screen kabuki drop revealing 20x20 gerbs behind. Confetti cannons (maroon), Aerosol flame projectors
Jul 27, 2013 Bambu Newcastle Launch of exclusive 'MDNGHT' club event. CO2, confetti, various pyro
Jul 26, 2013 Bambu Newcastle Confetti Airbursts, Fan launched confetti, fan launched glitter
Jul 20, 2013 LQ Newcastle MTV filming episode of 'Geordie Shore'. 20x20 Waterfall above stage - dancers on podiums underneath, protected by custom light-up/led pvc umbrellas. Geordie Shore cast member & event promoter on a podium in front of waterfall. Also confetti airbursts, crowd interaction balloons.
Jul 14, 2013 LQ Newcastle 1231L gerbs / 20x8 ice gerb wands / confetti airburtsts / 15ft sparkbursts / 15ft 1sec jets / air launched confetti / crowd interaction balloons
Jul 6, 2013 LQ Newcastle 15ft Sparkburst chase / 1231L / Confetti Airbursts / 15ft 1/2sec jet / Loose air launched confetti / illuminated LED 36" crowd interaction balloons / green laser gloves
Jun 29, 2013 LQ Newcastle 20x20 Waterfall, split 3 segments = 3,4,3 for unique look. Confetti airbursts / 15ft sparkbursts / 12x12 gerbs on 3-way array plates / 20x8 ice gerb wands / silver,white mix confetti / crowd interaction balllons / co2 jets
Jun 27, 2013 The Point Sunderland KlubbedOut ft/ Andy Whitby - - - 1231L Gerbs / Confetti Sparkbursts
Jun 22, 2013 LQ Newcastle DMX Flame Projector / Confetti Airbursts / 15ft Sparkbursts / 1231Ls / 12x12 LM Gerbs / 20x8 Ice Gerb Wands / Silver,White mix confetti
Jun 15, 2013 LQ Newcastle 20x15 Gerbs / 15ft /12 sec Jets / 15ft Sparkbursts / 20ft Flitter mines / 20x8 Ice Gerbs / Glitter Carts / Twister slow fall confetti
Jun 8, 2013 LQ Newcastle 20ft Glitter Crackle Mines / 20x15 Gerbs / 1231Ls / 15ft sparkbursts / Confetti Airbursts / Air launched confetti / CO2 Jets
Jun 1, 2013 LQ Newcastle 20ft Pyroflash Flitter mines / Ice Gerb Wands / 15ft Sparkbursts / Custom Blue & White mix Confetti airbursts (le maitre) / 1231L Gerbs
May 31, 2013 Union, Sunderland DHN ft/ Radio 1's Danny Howard - - - 12sec Mini Gerbs / Confetti Sparkbursts (red)
May 26, 2013 LQ Newcastle THE BIG ONE. Hau5 May Bank Holiday 2 - - - 15ft high, 30ft wide silk curtain, video projection then KABUKI DROP to reveal 30-piece waterfall behind performers on stage. Comprised of 10x 20x20 and 2x flanking sets of 10x8, fired sequentially to ensure whole effect lasted 20 seconds. Also overhead 15ft Sparkbursts, CO2 Jets, Ice Gerb Wands. Partially helium filled, 3ft crowd balloons with LED illumination. Air launched confetti.
May 25, 2013 LQ Newcastle Today I tried to make some toast using a DMX Flame Projector. Also Confetti Airbursts, loose confetti for air launchers , CO2 Jets
May 18, 2013 LQ Newcastle BBC Filming for 'shoplife' documetary. FHM magazine photoshoot. CUSTOM ORDER Le Maitre 15-20ft Prostage Glitter Crackle Mine. also Confetti airbursts / 20x15 prostage gerb / Ice gerb wands / 15ft jets / LED confetti fountains /
May 11, 2013 LQ Newcastle BBC 3 filming for 'Shoplife' documentary - - - 12x12 PS2 gerb on automated swing launchers / DMX Flame Projectors / 1231L Gerbs / Confetti airbursts / air launched confetti / ice gerb wands / large crowd balloons
May 5, 2013 LQ Newcastle Hau5 May Bank Holiday 1 - - - 15ft 1/2 sec jet sequence (4x launch stations) to first 8x bars of 'Otto Knows - Million Voices'. Also gerbs, airbursts, whistle carts, balloons etc.
May 4, 2013 LQ Newcastle I've written 1231L so many times I think I'm going to just copy & paste it from now on.

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