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Jul 24, 2013

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O2 Academy, Newcastle upon Tyne
Jul 24, 2013

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Date Venue Description
Mar 10, 2012 The Point Sunderland Confetti Sparkburst Sequence. Sequencer desk, custom cat5 wiring.
Mar 3, 2012 The Point Sunderland 15x Large Silver (electric) Ice Fountain, Fan launched confetti
Feb 25, 2012 The Point Sunderland Micro Mines, Silver Jets (reduced height), 1231L Gerbs, Streamer Carts
Feb 18, 2012 The Point Sunderland 12x White Micro Mine Sequence
Feb 11, 2012 The Point Sunderland 20x20 Waterfall, 1231L Gerbs
Feb 4, 2012 The Point Sunderland 24x Micro Mine Sequence; 12x blue, 12x green. Gerbs, Carts.
Jan 28, 2012 The Point Sunderland New Le Maitre VS Flames sequence : Blue & Purple.
Jan 21, 2012 The Point Sunderland 20x20 Waterfall, Glitter Carts, Streamer Carts, Gerbs
Jan 14, 2012 The Point Sunderland Pyroflash Flame Projectors, Jets, Gerbs, Carts
Jan 7, 2012 The Point Sunderland Blue Micro Mine chase sequenced on MerlinFire desk
Dec 31, 2011 The Point Sunderland Complex musical sequence: 96x jets and micro mines, 12x 1231L Gerb, Glitter carts - MerlinFire sequencer step controlled by Pyroflash 6/24
Dec 26, 2011 The Point Sunderland Syncronised Jets, Gerbs, Mines, Confetti with external production team providing 3x TBF Spraymaster Aerosol Flame Projector
Dec 23, 2011 The Point Sunderland (3x) 4x Pyroflash Gold Gerbs / Glitter Carts / 600 Litres artificial snow launched at crowd via custom fan/blower rig
Dec 17, 2011 The Point Sunderland Pyroflash Small Flame Projector chase: 2,2,2,2,4 / Glitter carts / gerbs
Dec 10, 2011 The Point Sunderland 6x Silver Jet, 4x Silver Jet. 2x Silver Jet, 4x 1231L
Dec 3, 2011 The Point Sunderland 4x Le Maitre Pyroflash Small Flame Projector, 8x 1231L Gerb, 2x Confetti Cart
Nov 26, 2011 The Point Sunderland 4x2 Le Maitre Micro Mine Sequence / 4x 1231L Gerb / 2x Confetti Cart
Nov 19, 2011 The Point Sunderland 4x2 Reduced Height Silver Jet Sequence (Pyroflash) / 8x 1231L Gerb, 2x Glitter Cart
Nov 12, 2011 The Point Sunderland (3x) 4x Le Maitre 1231L Gerb / (2x Le Maitre Large Glitter Cart
Nov 5, 2011 The Point Sunderland (2x) 4x Wells 2.5m*10s Gerb / (2x) 2x Le Maitre Large Glitter Cart

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