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Sep 3, 2023

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Awareness Course (1 Day)
New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth
Sep 3, 2023

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Date Venue Description
Nov 23, 2023 Brackla Bunker Bridgend Testing HE4's for prosthetic head explosion (Gen Z)
Nov 21, 2023 St Athens SFXNI - Rigging bullet hit (1/2s) (Gen Z)
Nov 20, 2023 Road to nature Newport SFXNI - Rigging Zirconium zirc hits (Gen Z)
Nov 9, 2023 Road to nature Newport SFXNI - Using smoke grenades (Gen Z)
Nov 7, 2023 Trefil FX Wales - car explosion, taymars and theatrical flashes (Out there)
Nov 3, 2023 Parc Llwyn Celyn SFXNI -Explosion, black powder fuel lifters. (Gen Z)
Oct 15, 2023 Newport rugby pitch SFXNI - Dust bullet hit (Gen Z)
Oct 12, 2023 Road to Nature (Wales) SFXNI - Rigging shotgun muzzle flashes (Gen Z)
Oct 12, 2023 Newport SFXNI - Rigging shotgun muzzle flashes (Gen Z)
Sep 20, 2023 Cwnbram, Wales Preping pyro (CL3's) for window smash.

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